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Recent additions: http://woodm.myweb.port.ac.uk/SL/resample.xlsx and http://woodm.myweb.port.ac.uk/SL/predictor.xlsx

Software for the book Making sense of statistics: a non-mathematical approach (Palgrave, 2003)

Spreadsheets for Brief notes on statistics

The DOS (exe) programs below are crude and old fashioned, and they may not work on modern versions of Windows unless you have a Dos Emulator. You will need Excel to run the xls and xlsx files.

resample.exe (80K DOS program)
This takes random resamples from a sample of numerical data. It can be used for many things - including setting up bootstrap confidence intervals for the mean, median, sd, etc.
Notes on the resampling program.

resample.xls Spreadsheet equivalent - more flexible but less powerful.

diffofmeanstest.xls Uses a resampling method to test a null hypothesis of no difference between the averages of two groups of measurements. It does the job of several standard tests - including the t- test for unpaired samples.

ConfIntsPoissonBinom.xls Confidence intervals for Poisson and binomial distributions (based on Bayes theorem with a uniform prior distribution).

BRLS.xls Bootstraps regression models.

accsamp.exe (45K DOS program)
This does calculations for acceptance sampling plans using attribute data. The program uses the binomial or the Poisson distributions.

occurve.xls (178K Excel file)
This works out operating characteristic curves for single acceptance sampling plans using attribute data.

randyrun.exe (43K DOS program)
This simulates the null hypothesis of the runs test.

bikepow.xls (107K Excel file)
This estimates how much power you need to ride a bike.

rp.exe (55K DOS program as described in Prospecting research: knowing when to stop)

jrpnp.xlsx Simulates the timing of innovations as described in Appendix 2 of Journals, repositories, peer review, nonpeer review and the future of scholarly communication

CLIP.xls Converts between P values, confidence intervals or confidence levels for hypotheses as described in this paper.

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