Software for Making Sense of Statistics

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Spreadsheet data files 


drink20.xls (Table 3.1)



accquest.xls, accdin.txt, accsoc.txt

iofm16.xls (Table 9.1)


Spreadsheet data/analysis files 

These files are designed to help with some of the exercises and examples in the text.

jobs.xls (Jenny's jobs in Section 5.3)

sharesan.xls (some of the analysis of the data in shares.xls)

reg2way.xls (Exercise 9.9.5)

Spreadsheet program files 

These are workbooks designed to carry out particular methods. They are all Excel 2000 files so you will need this on your computer to run them. Note that cells used for inputting data and formulae are green.

resample.xls (resampling, bootstrapping or the two bucket model). Improved version which will do the job of this spreadsheet and the five below:
resamplenrh.xls (approximate randomisation test)
diffofmeanstest.xls (approximate randomisation test of the difference of the means of two groups of exam marks. This worksheet is not mentioned in the book. The previous worksheet will do this test too, but it is less convenient.)

diffofmeanstestnd.xls (approximate randomisation test of the difference of the means of two groups of measurements. Just like the previous one, but without the data.)
diffofmeansconfidence.xls (for producing a confidence interval for the difference of two means. Not mentioned in the book.)

resamplenrh-drinkfm.xls (approximate randomisation test of the hypothesis that males and females drink the same amount. Needs the add-in, nms.xla to work.)
pred1var.xls, (regression with one independent variable). Improved version which will do multiple regression too:
predmvar.xls, (multiple regression).

Spreadsheet add-in 

nms.xla (Excel add-in with functions Kendall, Psd, Pod, Rangeofmeans, Diffofmeans, PercentileNms, Numdiffvals.)
To install, download, then, in Excel, click on Tools - Add-ins, and Browse to find the downloaded file. Use the Function Wizard (fx on the toolbar or the Insert menu) to find the extra functions and a brief description of what they do. They should be listed under Statistical functions. May not work with recent versions of Excel.

A standalone program file

This is an old DOS program that runs from the command prompt and does not need Windows.  It saves its results in a file called RESAMPLE.OUT in the same folder as the program. Unfortunately it won't work on modern, 64 bit versions of Windows without a Dos emulator.
resample.exe (resampling, bootstrapping or the two bucket model)
resample.htm (notes on resample.exe)

YouTube videos

There are some videos which may be helpful here.